Nano Machine Brows (Nano Brows):

A single nano-sized tattoo needle is used with a tattoo rotary machine.

This technique is tapping pigment into the skin, leading to less trauma to the skin than traditional Microblading.

Nano Brows wil be suitable for most skin types but with oily skin, shading is still a must!

These brows have a longevity of 2-5 years. Touch-ups are recommended once or every other year.



The manual method with a Microblade, (the blade is not an actual blade but a row of needles formed together) are cuts in the skin for the pigment to go into.

It is Only recommended for people that have dry/normal skin. (Oilier skin will blur out the hairstrokes and have less to no retention.)

Scarring will occur from repeatedly cutting the skin open.

These brows will have a longevity of 1-2 years with necessary annual touch-ups.