PLEASE read these Pre-Care Instructions before coming in for your next tattoo appointment! I cannot stress enough of HOW IMPORTANT it is to prepare for your tattoo! These are PREVENTATIVES for bad results and retention. No matter how phenomenal an artist may be, if you do not listen and follow the Pre-Care advice, you WILL end up with bad results.


  • 24 Hours MINIMUM prior to your appointment, DO NOT drink any alcohol or caffienated drinks like coffee. This will cause bleeding which can reject pigments during the procedure.
  • 48-72 Hours minimum please try to refrain from over the counter blood thinners and supplements such as Advil, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Niacin, Vitamin E or Fish Oils (Omega 3), unless medically necessary. This will cause a lot of bleeding which can and will reject the pigment and cause poor to no retention. 
  • Do not use any Retinol products or anti-aging products 2 weeks prior and 4 weeks post procedure. These will definetly cause fading of pigment much faster.
  • Please wait a minimum of 4 weeks prior and after your new tattoo, DO NOT get Botox, Fillers, AND any abrasive or chemical peel facials.
  • No waxing, sun-tanning, or Brow Henna/Tints within 3 days prior to the appointment date. (Waxing can possibly lead to broken skin which will allow pigment to soak up in even the slightest wounds.
  • You CAN NOT be on Accutane, please make sure you wait atleast 1 year until your tattoo.
  • For any lip procedures, if you are prone to Cold Sores/Herpes (HVS-1), please consult with your Physician for a prescription medictaion. This medication needs to be taken atleast 48 Hours prior to the appointment day to prevent any unpredictable "outbreaks".