Lash Enhancement:
This is a natural and subtle lash liner tattoo. It is only at the base of the lashes, which creates an illusion of darker and fuller eyelashes.




Classic Eyeliner (Winged/Wedge):
Perfect, permanent, smudge-proof eyeliner in the style of wings of wedges!




Smokey Liner:
A Winged Liner with a smokey gradient eyeshadow look blended with the wings.







6-8 Week "Perfecting Touch-up"(Before 3 months) Price: $100


Annual Touch-up/Color Boost (As long as ALL Touch-ups are within 1 year, the correct fee will be the annual Touch up at $150, if more than 1 year the price is $250.

A Color Boost is a Touch-Up session for pre-existing clients only. No new clients for this service, it will be considered a foreign Color Correction.


Color/Shape Correction:
This Correction is for Eyeliners from different artist/establishment that have gone ashy or have turned colors other than black or brown. If the current shape is not correct and if thin enough it can be corrected, if too thick or long, Saline Tattoo Removal will be necessary.
Saline Tattoo Removal ($125/session):
This service will vary in sessions. It is unique to each client so furthur consulatation will be needed.


Services are priced by NEW tattoos only. 

Previous Work from a different artist/establishment will be considered
and Old Tattoo Correctional set NOT a "touch-up", no exceptions.


(Permanent-Makeup is still considered Semi-Permanent, these tattoos are designed to fade over time.
The longer without an annual touch-up/color boost, more time and work will be required.
Color Corrections or Color Neutrilizations might be required with older (4+ years since last touch-up) tattoos.







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We reserve the right to refuse service.
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