Lip Blush

Lip Blush:

A semi-permanent tattooed Lip Tint that creates the appearance of fuller and youthful looking lips lasting 2-5 years

This procedure neutralizes dark or cool-toned lips and hyperpigmentation

Bring back natural rosy flush to pale lips

Camouflages uneven patchy colors or scars

Creates more symmetrical lip borders

Naturally promotes collagen and elastin production

For those with Lip Fillers, Lip Blush pairs up just perfectly together. This procedure creates an illusion of a more defined Cupid's Bow and Lip Vermillion that have lost shape or flattened from filler migration






6-8 Week "Perfecting Touch-up"(Before 3 months ) Price: $125


Annual Touch-up/Color Boost($275): 

A Bolor Boost is one of the following Touch-Ups (see service page)  for pre-existing clients only. No new clients for this service, it will be considred a foreign Color Correction. As long as ALL Touch-ups are within 1 year, the correct fee will be the Annual Touch-up, if more than one year the price is $350.


Color Correction(pricing starts at $500+): An in-person consultation is required for this potential service. Not everyone can be a candidate.




3 sessions are included for the price of $600. Color Correctional Lips or "CC Lips" are treatments to lighten extremely hyperpigmented, dark, smoker's lips, scarred lips or any unique case that simply Lip Blush (2 sessions) is not enough coverage. Once again, not everyone can be a candidate for Lip Blush. Please check the FAQs page for contraindictions.


Services are priced by NEW tattoos only. 

Previous Work from a different artist/establishment will be considered
and Old Tattoo Correctional set NOT a "touch-up", no exceptions.

(Permanent-Makeup is still considered Semi-Permanent, these tattoos are designed to fade over time.
The longer without an annual touch-up, more time and work will be required.
Color Corrections or Color Neutrilizations might be required with older (4+ years since last touch-up) more "permanent" tattoos.







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We reserve the right to refuse service.
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