This is the hybrid of brow tattoos. Hairstrokes and shading are combined equally throughout the entire brows. Tattooing hairstrokes by a single nano-sized needle with a machine will be followed up with light shading to define the brows. This is perfect for those with thin, sparse, or hairless eyebrows. It is ideal for the client to have dry/normal to combination skin for best final results. 

Services are priced by NEW tattoos only. 
Previous Work from a different artist/establishment will be considered
and Old Tattoo Correctional set NOT a "touch-up", no exceptions.

6-8 Week "Perfecting Touch-Up" (Before 3 months) Price: $75

Annual Touch-Up (Before 1 year) Price: $175
(As long as ALL Touch-ups are within 1 year, the correct fee will be the Annual Touch-up and not the Reoccuring Fees below)

Reoccuring Touch-Up (Before 2 years) Price: $300

Reoccruing Touch-Up (Before 3 years) Price: $400

(Permanent-Makeup is still considered Semi-Permanent, these tattoos are designed to fade over time.
The longer without an annual touch-up, more time and work will be required.
Color Corrections or Color Neutrilizations might be required with older (4+ years since last touch-up) tattoos.




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We reserve the right to refuse service.
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