General Policy

Referral Rewards System

Appointment Guidelines

Any Referrals you send my way would be greatly appreciated,

To show MY appreciation towards my existing clients I have layed out these sweet Loyalty Rewards Points!


1 Referral = 50 Points

300 Points:

GIFT CERTIFICATE for a Free Service of Choice

250 Points: 

$150 CREDIT Towards any Service

200 Points:

$100 CREDIT Towards any Service

150 Points:

$75 CREDIT Towards any Service

100 Points: 

$50 CREDIT Towards any Service




A $50 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit is required to book all appointments. This deposit will go towards your total balance.



All clients are only allowed up to 1 reschedule and must notify within 3 Days minimum to not forfeit deposit. Booking Deposits are non-refundable.



Cancelling your first appointment will cause your deposit to be forfeited. All clients that cancel once must pay FULL amount before receiving a re-scheduled new appointment. If cancelled again, you can NOT reschedule and the client will lose HALF of all funds and cannot re-book. (50% cancellation fee)


No Calls/No Shows:

All clients that do not show up will forfiet the non-refundable Booking Deposit and will not be able to re-book again.



A strict 15 Minute grace period is allowed, anything after will be considered a

NO-SHOW and will not be let in. 

Please respect the time given for the appointment as there will be other clients' set with their time after. 


I.D. or D.L.:

A copy of your Valid Identification Card or Driver's License is mandatory at the start of the appointment.


6 to 8 Week Perfecting Touch Up:

It is the client's responsibility to reach out and schedule the perfecting session within a 3 month period from the initial appointment date. If the appointment is made passed the 3 month mark, it will be changed and charged to an annual touch up pricing.






To prepare to mitigate any risks and make sure each and every procedure is as safe as it can be, please follow these guidelines with your following appointment:

  • Contactless Release Forms are sent out via email/link. (Including COVID-19 Check up survey and Release Form.)
  • No Guests allowed.
  • Masks are mandatory.
  • If you arrive early, please wait in your car.
  • Contactless Temperatures will be checked with a receptionist upon arrival.
  • Hands sanitizer at Front Reception.
  • Contactless Payment is available. (Debit, Credit, Chip/Tap, Apple Pay Google Pay, or Cash.)


Health and Safety are ALWAYS priority!


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.