Depending on the old pigment and the satuation of the old tattoo couple to several sessions may be neccessary to reduce and eventually remove the old tattoo. This saline based tattoo lightening solution is used by machine and needle. Li-FT is all natural and a hypertonic solution that contains no acids and no chemicals. 

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A tattooed lip tint that creates fuller and youthful lips lasting 2-3 years years with only 2 sessions!
This procedure:

  • Neutrilzes darker and cooler-toned lips
  • Creates a more symmetrical lip borders
  • Naturally promotes collagen and elastin production
  • Perfect for lips with Fillers
  • Design a new Cupid's bow and define the Vermillion on the lips that have lost shape or flattened out.

Lash Enhancement/Lash Liner ($200):

This is a natural tattoo that is only at the

base of the lashes, which creates an

illusion of darker and fuller set of lashes.


Classic Eyeliner ($250):

A slightly Winged Eyeliner or Wedge

Eyeliner are thicker makeup like tattoo.


Smokey Eyeliner ($300):

This is a hybrid style of a Winged

Eyeliner with shading that is gradient

and blended with the Wings.

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If this is your first tattoo ever, no need to be anxious about any pain. Pre-numbing and secondary numbings are included to keep you extremely comfortable.

(Clients have rated

0-1 as in completely numb and some 2-4 as the highest which was "absolutely tolerable" from a score of 10.)



Precise Brow mapping and preview will take place, we will not begin the tattoo until you LOVE your shape! 


The procedure will take 2-3 hours depending on the style and service.  There will be plenty of details and explanations on After-care with a "take home" kit.


Enjoy your new PMU (Permanent Makeup)!


We are always here for our clients, 100% support with direct contact information.



Services are priced by NEW tattoos only. 

Previous Work from a different artist/establishment will be considered
and Old Tattoo Correctional set NOT a "touch-up", no exceptions.

Brow 6-8 Week "Perfecting Touch-Up" (Before 3 months) Price: $75

Brow Annual Touch-Up (Before 1 year) Price: $175
(As long as ALL Touch-ups are within 1 year, the correct fee will be the Annual Touch-up and not the Reoccuring Fees below)

Brow Reoccuring Touch-Up (Before 2 years) Price: $300

Brow Reoccruing Touch-Up (Before 3 years) Price: $400 (New Set Price)


(Permanent-Makeup is still considered Semi-Permanent, these tattoos are designed to fade over time.

The longer without an annual touch-up, more time and work will be required.

Color Corrections or Color Neutrilizations might be required with older (4+ years since last touch-up) tattoos.